Setup and Login

You only need to follow these steps once.

After you are finished, you'll automatically be logged in whenever you are logged into Asana.

1: Choose Your License Level (Basic, Pro, Pro Team)

Visit to choose your license level (Basic, Pro, or Pro Team Unlimited). If you selected Pro Team, please reference the Welcome Email to submit your list of users who will need access. You can add unlimited team users for no extra cost (as long as they have the same company domain in their email address.

2: Download the Browser Extension(s) and Apps

Supersana is built to work with Chrome and Edge. Please click on the each logo below to visit the download pages for each browser extension. After you download each extension, you'll only have to sign in once on each one, and then, as long as you are signed into Asana, you won't need to sign in again.

3: Ready, set, go!

Get Asana Superpowers w/ Supersana for Asana!

After activating each extension, you'll be able to seamlessly use the Supersana features throughout your account.